Power Systems Operators
This series is aimed principally at power system operators in the new ISO and power pools. However, we also expect interest from the new entrants to the power business such as brokers, traders, and independent generators. For this reason, a certain amount of necessary standard practice material is included in the program to provide a base on which to build the more advanced techniques.  COURSES $65 - $85

7503 - Transmission System Operation
7504 - System Frequency and Tie-Line Control 
7505 - Power Dispatching 
7506 - System Security 
7507 - Operating Under Abnormal Conditions 
7508 - System Restoration 
7509 - Monitoring and Control Communications 
7510 - Transmission System Protection 

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Power Systems Operators
courses for power systems operators

7503 Transmission System Operation
This course introduces the student to the concepts and practices of system voltage control as related to the high-voltage transmission of electrical power. The course focuses on the impacts of transmission line loading and voltage control equipment.

7504 System Frequency and Tie-Line Control
This course describes the methods and problems encountered when trying to control transmission system frequency. Topics covered include Frequency Concepts, Control of Frequency, Tie-Line Control, and Automatic Generation Control (AGC).

7505 Power Dispatching
The objective of this course is to present and discuss the various factors that must be taken into consideration when dispatching generation. Although most of the technical factors will remain after deregulation, it is probable that some aspects of dispatching will change to accommodate the competitive market for generation. This subject will be dealt with later in the program.

7506 System Security
This course exposes the student to methods for responding to system events and emergencies. The student will learn about power flows, stability, and interconnections, as well as corrective and emergency actions.

7507 Operating Under Abnormal Conditions
This course covers a variety of abnormal electric system operating conditions, and their implications. The student will learn about faults on the system, loss of generation, equipment-specific problems, and interchange emergencies.

7508 System Restoration
This course gives the student an overview of the events that take place during a blackout situation that requires system restoration. These events include the necessary preparations and precautions that must be taken to minimize the time and magnitude of any blackout, as well as the steps that should be taken to prepare the system for restoration.

7509 Monitoring and Control Communications
This course gives the student an overview of the ways in which electric utilities monitor events on and the status of the transmission system, and how communication of needed information takes place.

7510 Transmission System Protection
This course provides the student with a broad overview of protective relaying as relates to the transmission system. It also provides basic information on the input measurements that must take place for protective relays to perform correctly and to not operate at unintended times.

7514 - NERC - Controlling to NERC Standards: Interconnection Operations 
The objective of “System Control” is to bring about an orderly flow of power from the generating source to the load (power consumer) while maintaining the utmost level of safety, reliability and stability throughout the system.
This course discusses the requirements and procedures of “System Control” and the relationships of these requirements and procedures to applicable NERC Standards.

This NERC training course firmly grasps the control and performance requirements of a Balancing Authority Area. This is a great review for experienced system operators as well as for new operators in a generation, transmission, or balancing authority role. The subjects center upon the newest NERC Standards, details of ACE, control performance criteria, contingency reserve, the effects of frequency excursions, system monitoring, and disturbance control requirement.

This would be a cornerstone of training for a newcomer to operations as well as a good review for the more experienced individual. This course provides excellent coverage of operating reliability limits and voltage control.  Its' coverage includes operating limits, monitoring system conditions, power transfer and stability, reactive and voltage control, aspects of system operation, and emergency operations. The exams and problems associated with this module are great for all those associated with power transfer and reliability. It also provides a great deal of navigation through the associated Standards as opposed to that same information that previously resided in NERC Policies.

This course stresses information dealing with a number of issues related to the transfer of energy on the power system as well as the background necessary to fully understand interchange schedules that result from transaction tags established by PSEs.

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7514 Controlling to NERC Standards: Interconnection Operation 4.0 
7516 Controlling to NERC Standards: Generation Control/Performance 4.0 
7517 Controlling to NERC Standards: Aspects of System Operations 4.0 
7518 Controlling to NERC Standards: Power System Transactions & Coordination 4.0
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